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Saturday, May 08, 2021


Though producing a guidebook is inevitably a much greater undertaking than those who take on the task can or want to imagine, the weight of this particular undertaking has been lightened considerably by the generous contributions of many.

Thanks to all of the following people for major proofreading: Anita Gowers, Cameron McKenzie, Neil Monteith, Fiona Siseman, Brendan Hodgson, Will Monks, Ben Wright and Wendy Eden.

Particular thanks to a range of photographers who have allowed us to use their evocative and inspiring images: Simon Carter, Michael Boniwell, Neil Monteith, Ben Moon, Glenn Robbins, Phil Sage, Craig Ingram, Eddy Morfardin, Esther Bollinger, Adam Bramwell, Steve Kelly, Emily Black, Matthew Farrell, Phil Neville, Lee Cossey, Mark Gray, Gavin Oliver, Steve Bright, Jennie Cerbe and Tor Butler.      

The following companies have been kind enough to advertise in this book: Rock Hardware, Climbing Anchors, Big John's Retreads, Paddy Pallin, Sea to Summit, Mt Zero Log Cabins, The Lactic Factory, Aoraki Outdoors, Bogong, Bayside Rock and the Victorian Climbing Club .    

The following people have contributed to various areas of this book:

  • The translations in the general introduction are courtesy of Tarik Alj, Sabine Schneider and Harry Jung
  • For the particularly generous gift of her time and expertise in creating the extensive suite of maps that grace these pages, heartfelt thanks to Jill Gara.
  • Many have offered general and specific feedback and suggestions. Of particular note for their generosity of spirit in this regard were Glenn Tempest, Neil Monteith, Simon Mentz, Nic Sutter, Louise Shepherd, Hannah Locke, Kent Paterson, Steve Chapman, Michael O’Reilly, Chris Ayton and John Chapman.

This guidebook has been built in large part upon the foundations of the various other guidebooks (to Mount Arapiles, the Grampians and Mount Buffalo) that have been written over the last half a century.  The climbing community, in general, and the authors of this current guidebook, in particular, owe a debt of gratitude to those earlier authors and their army of helpers.

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