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Sunday, June 20, 2021

GPS File Sharing

Sublime Climbs endeavours to include a new and innovative feature, by including GPS points of interests (POI’s) for campsites, car parks and cliff locations. In addition to the GPS POI’s noted on the maps in the book itself, you can also download a few file types which include all relevant camp site, car park and most cliff locations, which we hope will ensure this feature will be easy to use and highly functional.

We have tested the sharing of this file between various brands and models of GPS units, as well as iPads, iPhones, and Google Earth to name a few. No doubt more platforms will become more or less popular in the future and this technology will continue to evolve.

Given that this is a relatively new and un-tested technology we will point you to the work in progress forum on the local rock climbing forum, Chockstone.

In short we hope that we will save you a lot of wasted time driving around the Grampians, and other climbing areas trying to find your way around - and spend more time where you want to be - climbing!

Please note that the format we have supplied all data (POI’s) in is the WGS 84 in the guide, however many different formats (file types) have been supplied on our website, including:

  • Garmin GPS Database Version 2 (.glb)
  • Garmin GPS Database Version 3 (.glb)
  • MPS Files (.mps)
  • Text (tab delimited) (.txt)
  • DXF (.dxf )
  • GPS eXchange Format (.gpx) - probably the most useful format - has been proven successful across various platforms to date.
  • Google Earth (.kmz)

We hope this saves you a lot of time and maximises your enjoyment of rock climbing in Victoria!

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